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Stay safe and connect with nearby home buyers looking for an immediate showing.
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Curb Call - Real Estate Agents. On Demand.

Showing Safety. Introducing RADIUS.

While you're on any showing (even ones that are not Curb Call leads), you can rest assured that someone knows where you are. Your status of "On a showing" and current location are plotted on your brokerage's Curb Call dashboard. Plus, if you feel threatened during your showing, hit the big red "Panic" button in your Curb Call app to immediately notify your broker and your emergency contact via SMS.
If you unexpectedly leave your showing (possibly against your will), the Curb Call RADIUS system will automatically trigger an emergency alert to your broker and your emergency contact. Your realtime position will also be displayed on a map on your brokerage's Curb Call Dashboard so help can be deployed by your broker immediately.

It's an On Demand World

Curb Call is an app that connects buyers and buyer agents in real time. Buyer's who don't have a go-to agent, will often engage one for the first time, from outside of a listing that they want to see. As on-demand technology permeates our everyday lives, leaving a voicemail for a listing agent just won't cut it anymore.
Buyers who are at the listing want the showing asap. With Curb Call, these buyers can request a nearby and available agent with the press of a single button. If your brokerage is using Curb Call, you could be the one receiving the lead.

Instant Showings

Get on-demand showing requests from buyers standing in front of a listing, wanting to see inside asap.

Leads When You Want Them

You control when you receive leads. Got some extra time after a showing today? Simply set yourself to "available" in Curb Call with one simple gesture.

Late Stage Leads

Buyers who use Curb Call are long past asking questions about listings online. They have typically narrowed their search and are outside the listing they think could be "the one"

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