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Introducing CurbCall Connect™

An intelligent real-time lead routing platform that enables any real estate search and/or listing website
to instantly connect consumers with available agents via an easy-to-integrate API


Deliver a better experience for consumers


Consumers searching real estate web sites expect instant service and now CurbCall Connect™ lets you deliver it. Using technology to instantly connect home buyers and sellers with available agents in their area, it ensures consumers get a great experience.


Deliver better service to real estate agents


You’ve got agents paying to get leads. CurbCall Connect™ delivers those leads instantly to increase their chance of closing them. And if the primary agent isn’t available, CurbCall Connect can be configured to automatically route the lead to their designated backup or team so they don’t miss out.

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Let Prospects Who Want Answers Now Get Them NOW!

The Curbcall Connect API lets consumers instantly request an agent simply by clicking a webpage link.

Consumers on the go can instantly request an agent through a CurbCall Connect-empowered link on any mobile app.

Get Dashboard Visibility for Full Accountability

CurbCall also includes an administrative dashboard. Providing a global overview of all inbound leads in real time and over time, it empowers you with tracking, analysis and total control. Using the dashboard, you can see…


  • where leads are coming in
  • what happened with each inbound lead
  • time from connection request to agent response
  • which of your agents are working and which aren’t
  • who is accepting leads and who is declining them on a regular basis


It’s the ultimate way to make your agents accountable and track your return on your marketing and web investments.


How CurbCall Connect™ Works:

Agents indicate when they’re available, simply by clicking the CurbCall Connect app on their smartphone. It works in the background so they can use their phone for other things.

How CurbCall Connect™ Works:

Buyers request an agent simply by clicking a CurbCall Connect-powered link on any desktop or mobile browser. Note, buyers have to confirm they are not already working with an agent.

How CurbCall Connect™ Works:

Agents that are available and in the coverage area for that showing or info request will get an alert that a request has been made. Or you can set a custom lead flow based on other agent criteria. Agents who receive the alert choose whether or not to accept it.

How CurbCall Connect™ Works:

When an agent accepts the consumer request to connect, the consumer is informed and CurbCall Connect provides the agent with links to text or phone them immediately.

CurbCall Connect™ vs. Ordinary Lead Routing

Web forms make it easy for people to request more information. Too easy. So a lot of the “leads” agents pay to get are not looking to buy anytime soon.  But consumers using CurbCall Connect do so because they want to speak to an agent right now, which means they’re probably pretty serious.


Plus, emailed leads can be overlooked or come at an inopportune time… and sit in an agent’s inbox for hours or even a day before the agent gets a chance to respond. And by that time, the lead is likely dead because someone else has gotten to it first.

There are lead routing services that in theory vet leads and route them “quickly.” But their definition of “quickly” can mean a delay of a half hour or more. Worse, the leading providers of these services charge agents a percentage of the transaction which is a lot to pay.


CurbCall Connect™ sends leads instantly in real time to agents who have indicated they are available to respond “right now”. And agents don’t have to hand over a chunk of their commission for the leads it sends them—they just pay a low fixed monthly cost to use it.

Deliver Leads Smarter & Faster


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