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Introducing CurbCall Protect™

Now You Can Get Extra Peace of Mind for Your Personal Safety Without Any Extra Effort

One of the most important things you can do to stay safer on showings is to always let someone know when you’re on a showing and where you are. CurbCall Protect™ makes it easy.


Simply press a single “Begin Showing” button and it automatically sends an SMS text alert to your emergency contacts letting them know you’re on a showing with a map of your precise location. Then, if you feel threatened during your showing, hit the big red “Panic” button to immediately text your emergency contacts that you need help.


Plus, if you unexpectedly leave the “Safety Radius” (possibly against your will), CurbCall Protect will automatically trigger an emergency alert to your emergency contact, and map your real-time position so help can be deployed and you can be located immediately.


COMING SOON: Through our partnership with emergency tech company RapidSOS, you will soon have the ability to connect directly to 9-1-1 when you hit the Panic button, sending your precise location and vital personal info directly to 9-1-1. This 9-1-1 data transfer feature will be available In December for Android phones and January for iPhones. Check back for more info!

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“A real estate agent makes a living meeting a complete stranger in an empty house.” —Tracey Hawkins, Safety & Security Source


An average of 75 deaths occur a year during real estate showings according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics.


40% of real estate professionals experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety. —2015 Member Safety Report, National Association of REALTORS

Here’s How CurbCall Protect™ Works:

From the CurbCall Protect app on your smartphone, simply click “Begin the Showing”…

Here’s How CurbCall Protect™ Works:

An SMS text alert is sent to your emergency contact—and your position mapped via your phone’s GPS.

Here’s How CurbCall Protect™ Works:

CurbCall Protect lets your emergency contact view your exact position on the map.

Here’s How CurbCall Protect™ Works:

Click “End” when your showing is complete… or “Panic” to text an alert for help. An alert is automatically sent if you leave the the showing location before your showing has ended.

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